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About us

Baromedical Technology

We are a group of people for whom automation, robotics and new technologies are passion. From the very beginning, our mission has become the sense of security, comfort and independence of the client in the period that we all face today. Therefore, regardless of where you are: at home, at work, in public places or in high-risk places, we want to help you take care of your own safety and health. Therefore, we directed all the possibilities to the reconstruction of our technological line and the design and creation of the safest disinfection stations currently available on the market. A young, creative team with the ability to adapt to the current situation is a guarantee of the satisfaction of the most demanding customers!

Let's take care of clean hands and temperature control

Washing and disinfecting hands allow for effective prevention of the spread of viruses and pathogenic bacteria. To date, the only effective way to fight the COVID 19 virus is to break its RNA chain by destroying the fatty membrane that surrounds it. Washing your hands is the basis for maintaining your health. Temperature control has become another basic and routine activity in all places where we are currently staying. We believe that our stations can not only contribute to supporting society in preventing the further spread of the pandemic, but also teach us how to self-control our own safety in a pandemic. Additionally, an important part of the sale of our disinfection stations is for us to adhere to the principles of ethical and fair business. Therefore, all production takes place in Poland.

Why disinfection stations?

2020 gave birth to new needs. The epidemic situation has become clear and the basic issue has become clear. The only available and effective way to protect against the virus that surrounds us is disinfection. The World Health Organization recommends hand washing and disinfection as one of the most effective ways to fight the virus. Among the symptoms of the disease, we can distinguish increased temperature, so we took care of the possibility of non-contact fever measurement.

Polish producer

We decided to remodel our previous experience and existing production lines in such a way as to be able to start the production of disinfection stations as soon as possible. The authors of the entire product, starting from the idea, through design, technology and manufacturing process, are Poles. Supporting domestic business is a patriotic duty of every entrepreneur. In this difficult time, let us support each other.


We want our disinfection stations to become an inseparable element of every office, shop, clinics, hotels, public places particularly exposed to infection. We paid special attention to their aesthetics. We hired the best specialists in the field of Polish industrial design and entrusted them with designing our disinfection stations. Friendly colors and screens with the possibility of presenting any content will make our devices fit any place.

Why Baromedical Technology disinfection station?

Choosing our disinfection station is, above all, peace of mind. You know you've done everything you can to put your employees and customers in the best possible hands. Our product is a concern for all those who now have to fight for their own and others' health. Let us take care of you!

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